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Welcome to Curing Lyme Naturally with Jenifer Shapiro.

This is a website I created dedicated to my work and experiences with curing lyme disease through integrative means and classical homeopathy.

I believe deeply within my heart and soul (and through years of experience) that lyme's is not something to be feared or ignored but a new realm of illness that has come about to teach us new, refined and integrative healing options.

The longer we ignore the fact that standard medicine cannot alone heal this illness, the longer we ignore the truth within ourselves.  Those of us who have or have had lyme's know the frustration of not being understood or listened to.  Of knowing that we are not getting better and of knowing there must be another way.

I wrote my book as an offering of another way. 

I am making CD's to support those interested in healing practices that I have used for curing lyme's myself and with clients.

As I'm an integrative practitioner, teacher and author, helping those with chronic disease is a part of my path, for more on my other areas of work, peruse my other websites.

*This is a living, breathing site.  I will update with articles and thoughts and ideas as they come about my my work and practice so please do return to find out more and share this site with your friends and loved ones. 

We are meant to share information in this life, not to keep it to ourselves.


In Loving Light,

Jenifer Shapiro



"Lyme disease is an offering.  If we take it, we go deeper into ourselves, our bodies, our experience of our lives and our connections to others, the earth and our work here in this incarnation.  The longer we fight it and try to find others to 'fix' us, the longer we struggle for our bodies are not to be fixed or ignored, they are to be honored and healed.  It is a difference in perception, yes, an critical difference in perception."

Excerpt from the book.



"I have had the opportunity to work with Jenifer and all I can say is this woman's dedication to healing is in itself and empowering force to be around.  I really came to her with no hope.  I couldn't walk or move my tongue.  Within 3 sessions, I was 50% better and within 3 months, 80% cured of 12 years of chronic symptoms.  I'm looking forward to continuing the process."

Kay R., 52, Alabama